Thursday, December 27, 2012

Playing Music for Others is the Greatest Gift

I'm continually surprised at the people I run across in the community who make a point of telling me how much they have enjoyed hearing my music.  It happens quite frequently this time of year because I've been "out" there a lot, performing special music during church worship services, presenting programs at holiday events, playing at private parties. People get quite specific about how a particular tune made them feel, or how the ambiance of the evening changed their mood. It's clear to me that music touches us deeply, and one never knows how far-reaching the effect might be.

One thing I have learned for sure. The opportunity to play music for others is a gift. It's not about me. It's not about the beautiful arrangements and carefully worked out medleys. It's not about a perfectly executed program. It's simply about the music. It's about the real-time energy that flows from me ... my heart, my mind, my soul ... through my hands, into the hammers, onto the strings, and through the air, creating an ocean of sound that washes over the listener, awakening him / her to a different way of being.

Let us all aspire to use that great Ocean of Sound to serve the way of understanding and love.

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