Friday, December 14, 2012

CTO ... Snark tuners make great stocking stuffers!

I just placed an order for a bunch of Snark SN-2 Chromatic Tuners, taking advantage of a $0 shipping and handling deal on Amazon.  If anyone is having a tuning emergency, they'll be here before Christmas!

I keep tuners on hand for my students, and I love the Snark. It's so easy to use!  It clips right onto your instrument, so no separate wire and contact mic.  It's convenient, precise, and reasonably priced.  And the ones I ordered today are RED!

Check This Out ... Looking for the perfect little stocking stuffer for the musician in your life?  Or the next cool gadget to keep in your gig bag?  Check out the Snark tuners.

PS  Be sure to shop around! You'll see quite a variation in prices. You should be able to find the chromatic Snark online for $10-15.

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