Wednesday, January 27, 2016

How's it going?

Just a few weeks ago, on January 6, I confidently wrote that I knew what to do to get my practice back on track:
  • Set aside time
  • Set goals / deadlines
  • Get back to basics
  • Try something new
  • Be persistent
  • Be accountable
I would add:
  • Find inspiration
  • Use creative exercises
  • Get out with people
  • Lean on network
In the interest of being "accountable," I thought I'd give a progress report.

Since January 4, I have logged 28 hours of intentional practice time.
Here what's been happening at the dulcimer in my personal practice time:

  • Learn new tune: Minuetta  This is a bonus Sandbridge tune for me. We didn't learn it in week #3, but it showed up on the January page of the 2016 Sandbridge calendar. Great tune for practicing arpeggios. As such, it's part of the plan to "get back to basics." I will play it on January 30, as directed on the calendar.
  • Learn another new tune: Camel Hump  This tune was suggested by my music partner, Betsy, in honor of my recent camel ride. It will be a fun addition to our repertoire, plus, it gives me the chance to polish up double-strokes on bounced 16th notes ... another "back to basics" skill.
  • Learn Sandbridge 2015 tunes: Half Past Four and Farewell Trion.
  • Copy Ken Kolodner's medley: Lady of the Lake - Farewell Trion -  Shenandoah Falls. Thanks to music buddy, Bess Crider, who practiced tunes of this medley with me during our stay at John C Campbell Folk School last week.
  • And guess what? Ruth Smith was also at JCC Folk School last week. Yes, that was by design! and aren't we the lucky ones? We were all three taking classes NOT related to music, but we did manage to jam a few tunes here and there.
  • Keep up repertoire that I share with my music partner, Betsy. Practice regularly with her. We have had two practice sessions this month.
  • Play some well-established tunes just for fun.

Beat January's practice time.
Increase number of practice sessions with Betsy.
Prepare for gig that's on the February calendar, with Betsy.
Add another Sandbridge 2015 tune.

Annual retreat, with friends. Jamming, practicing shared repertoire, and preparation for minor part in public concert, Sparta, NC

Learn all tunes from Sandbridge 2015, deadline October 2016.

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