Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Christmas tunes ... A good measure of how far you've come!

Sometimes it is difficult to recognize progress.

We take lessons. We learn tunes. We work on technique. We play with friends. We play with the metronome. We practice, practice, practice. We experience some frustration and enjoy some success. Time passes. It all happens gradually, and it's hard to know if we're gaining ground! But if you enjoy the annual playing of Christmas music, you actually have an inherent indicator that hints at how your musical skills have evolved over the past year.

Just think. About the time October rolls around, the old holiday tune lists are resurrected. We dust off our favorite tunes and spruce them up. Most of the tunes come back with a little effort. Many of the tunes will be improved upon. In fact, you may find yourself wondering, "Why did I find this so hard last year?"

And THERE's your sign!

  • You ARE making progress.
  • You HAVE gained ground.
  • YOU are developing as a player.

Keep up the good work!


  1. Hi Sue. I was thinking the same thing as I played my Christmas tunes this year. Thanks for verbalizing it! Thanks for keeping the blog. I always enjoy it.

    1. Thanks for the reinforcement, Linda! I enjoy jotting down my thoughts. Sure is fun to know somebody is reading :-)