Wednesday, November 4, 2015

She taps her toe ... hits 10,000 steps on her pedometer!

In the world of classical music, foot-tapping is officially frowned upon. But in the world of traditional music, foot tapping seems to be an integral part of the music itself. Why do we tap our foot?

When playing music, rhythm is everything. For some players, toe tapping actually helps them internalize the beat, feel the groove, and maintain the tempo. Tapping might be seen as an outward expression of one's inner awareness of the pulse of the music. Foot tapping can help us play well with others!

Foot tapping reflects dance beats. Think about it. Many of the tunes we play are dance tunes - jigs, reels, hornpipes. Tapping is sort of like dancing to your own music. Whether toe tapping or swaying to the music, allowing your body to move in response to the music is a good way to feel the pulse. It's fun!

Plus, it's good exercise. My pedometer gives me credit for steps when I tap my foot!

How 'bout it? Are you a toe tapper?


  1. I play so much better when I tap my foot.

    I play banjo as well as dulcimer and I always wondered why I feel I play banjo much better sitting down than standing up as I wear a strap and hold the banjo in the same position sitting and standing. I came to the conclusion that I tap my foot better sitting.

  2. Yes... it feels awkward to play without tapping!! That foot just has to go. It really helps to keep the groove...especially if accenting back beats or syncopating. (I should probably wear softer shoes to not annoy others). Kathy