Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Music Stands

If you read music - or aspire to do so - you need to have a decent music stand. Of course, you could always set up your instrument facing a wall, then tape your music to it! But if you're looking for something a little more substantial ...

Small stands (aka lyre) may be attached to the instrument itself:

Music stand with acrylic desk has nice support
for music and a ledge for pencil or hammers.
This stand comes apart for easy storage / transport,
but needs a little help to support the music.

An alligator clip attached to rigid, plastic-coated wire holds the music right in front of your face. One end is coiled to fit onto the shaft of your tuning wrench, which in turn is fitted onto one of the tuning pegs. It's an extremely portable music holder. Fits in the pocket of a dulcimer case. Easy DIY project.

These stands found at 

Adjustable, collapsable metal music stands, are easy to transport and very affordable. These folding stands range from inexpensive, lightweight models (fine for a few sheets of paper) to stronger, heavy-duty folding models (better for books).

If you have music stored in digital form, the more sturdy, solid metal versions work great holding magnetic device cases.
Perhaps you'd like a more permanent, piece of furniture to beautify the music room?

Do you have your music stored in a digital app? Adjustable iPad tripod stands are available, with a tilting and rotating bracket. Digital music stands with automated page turning also exist. The digital pages can be turned by pressing a foot pedal!

PS ... I'm not endorsing any of these products. Just putting forth examples of what's out there. Don't see the music stand that you love here? Tell us all about it!


  1. ADM Foldable Extra Light Large Music Stand from Bizarkdeal

    I just got this really nice music stand from Flanger. My daughter is in the high school advanced band and she is practicing music just about every night at home. Usually she tries to prop her music up on her dresser but it's usually a pain to get it to stay where she needs it to play properly. I was so excited to try out this great music stand. It's made of durable metal. Has adjustable pieces that allow you to make it shorter or taller, much like a tripod for a camera, you can open and lock them into place. You have a plastic stand to put your music on. Just slide it onto the mount on the stand. It has pieces that fold out to put your music. You can do a single sheet and it also accommodates my daughters large music folder so there is a lot of versatility in it. Tripod style at the bottom gives it a sturdy base. You can fold it all up though and it comes with a nice canvas travel bag with handles that make it easy to take it with you if you want to travel with it or take it to events or class. She has been using it for several days now and loves it, really has helped her to play better at home when she is practicing.

  2. Where can I get the second music holder that is easy to store and transport? I have found it online.