Friday, September 20, 2013

CTO ... Got an instrument to sell? Looking to buy a used one?

Check out the menu bar above this post. To the right of the "Home" and "Schedule of Events" tabs you'll see the newly created "Instruments for Sale" tab. The new page is designed to help would-be buyers and sellers connect ... intended especially for those located in, or convenient to, the greater central NC area. Simply click on the tab to see what's available.

Check This Out ... I have had three people contact me in the past several weeks to tell me they have an instrument for sale and would I please let my students and any other interested parties know? I find it difficult to get the message out to just the right folks, so I decided to add this new page.

  • In the market for an instrument? A used one might be just the thing!
  • Recently upgraded your instrument? Sell your old one!
  • Realize that you don't need 5 instruments after all? Clear out the inventory!

Email Sue with all the info. Guidelines and disclaimers are listed on the page. Also, you'll find links to other websites that provide free listings of instruments for sale. List and look!

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