Friday, February 15, 2013

CTO ... Shining Light Project brings the joy of music to the underserved in Asheville

Musicians can and do make a difference. Here's a story to inspire!

Kate Steinbeck, flutist and founder of the chamber music ensemble, Pan Harmonia, says, “I’m on the planet to play music and share the light, and music has the power to do that.”

Check This Out ... Pan Harmonia is an independent artist collective based in Asheville, NC. They perform professionally throughout the region. They started the Shining Light Project to bring free music programs to various groups of people who may not otherwise have access or means to hear it. Read more at Shining Light Project .

Does this story inspire you? Or do you regularly share your music gratis? If so, who do you play for? Why do you do it? Tell us your stories!

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