Thursday, February 28, 2013

CTO ... I have a new music stand!

Rouse the Spouse designed and built it. It's constructed of curly maple and purple heart, with hand-made knobs and a hand-rubbed finish. The desk is, of course, trapezoid in shape!

It's a lovely addition to the music room. Beautiful to look at, and so nice to use. My students will be happy to be rid of the old flimsy collapsable stand. I'm counting on less music falling to the floor!

Check This Out ... Jerry Read Smith was kind enough to provide us with one of his original hammered dulcimer sound hole rosettes. That design detail makes this project really special. With it, the music stand coordinates beautifully with my JRS Grand Concertmaster. You might say they're perfectly in tune!


  1. nice stand! (and nice pic, too)...See ya, Artist Geek

    1. Thanks, Artist Geek! That means a lot, coming from you.