Friday, May 6, 2016

CTO ... Better Aging Through Practice, Practice, and more Practice

Preaching to the choir, I know, when it comes to the trapezoid playing TotT blog followers, but the author of this article wants to know, "When is the last time you improved at anything?"

Check This Out ... The New York Times recently posted an article by Gerald Marzorati expressing enthusiastic encouragement for tackling new and difficult tasks as we age. His challenge: Dare to immerse yourself and improve at a new skill. Hmmm .... any of you following THAT prescription

Think back to the early days of your own hammered-dulcimer-playing obsession. Have you improved? I know you have, and I bet you're still improving! And continuing to raise the bar, because there is no end point. It's the getting there that enthralls us.

Check out the entire article here: Better Aging Through Practice, Practice, Practice 

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