Tuesday, May 3, 2016

30 days hath .... APRIL!

Monthly Practice Progress by the Numbers:

ü  Number of days in April                                                30
ü  Practice sessions w/Betsy                                                4
ü  Sandbridge tunes to date                                                  5
ü  Total hours spent practicing                                           30.25
ü  The Goal: average practice hours per day                       1.25
L  Actual average practice hours per day                            1

Oh well. I'm going to push for that average of 1.25 hours per day one more month. After that, it'll be vacation / gardening season, with miscellaneous plenty to compete with my practice schedule. I’ll be doing the best I can this summer!

May Goals

·      Continue to practice regularly
·      Increase practice time to average 1.25 hours per day
·      Practice at least once per week with Betsy
·      Continue working on Sandbridge 2015 tune list

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