Friday, April 1, 2016

CTO ... 2016 Tiny Desk Concert Contest Winner

Gaelynn Lea is the 2016 winner of npr's Tiny Desk concert contest. Tiny Desk features intimate video performances, recorded live at the desk of "All Songs Considered" host, Bob Boilen.

Check This Out ... From the Tiny Desk web site: "Gaelynn Lea has been playing violin for more than 20 years. She builds on a repertoire of traditional Celtic and American fiddle music, writing original songs that incorporate folk-rock influences, looping tracks, and an inventive improvisatory style. Gaelynn performs throughout northern Minnesota and Wisconsin and has collaborated with fellow Midwestern musicians Alan Sparhawk and Charlie Parr. She's also a dedicated fiddle teachaer and an advocate for artists an other people with disabilities."

"I love performing, but the thing that I try to remember — because I believe it's true — is that any kind of performance is really valuable, because every person is valuable. So I like playing at that pizza shop — I play there every other week. I've done that for like a year and a half. And I like playing on the boardwalk, because you get to play for little kids, and they always want you to play, like, "Itsy-Bitsy Spider," but they're excited about it and that's what matters.

I just think music in general is something that can really connect people, and it's just an honor and joy to be able to tap into that." ~ Gaelynn Lea

Gaelynn Lea's performance, March 11, 2016

Audie Cornish's interview with Gaelynn Lea

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