Thursday, March 31, 2016

Good excuses ... should've just played!

In the month of March I logged 33.75 practice hours. That doesn't seem so bad, except for the fact that it doesn't quite meet my goal. So close, but 1.08 hours per day is just under my goal of 1.25 hours per day. Oh, brother! It's true ... I've been slacking off!!

The good news is I had plenty of time to practice a ton of Sandbridge tunes with friends at Martha's Mountaintop Music Retreat. We enjoyed a weekend full of music.

Plus, Betsy and I had plenty of practice time .... 4 regular sessions plus the weekend retreat. Isn't she the brave one to come hang out with a houseful of hammered dulcimers?!

April Goals -- Keeping it simple this month:
  • Increase practice time to average 1.25 hours per day
  • Practice at least once per week with Betsy
  • Continue working on Sandbridge 2015 tune list

Learn all tunes from Sandbridge 2015, deadline October 2016.

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