Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Top 10 Things to Pack for Sandbridge

Forgive me ... it's Sandbridge Season!

That's right. Each fall, Ken Kolodner offers a series of intensive hammered dulcimer workshops at the beach in Sandbridge, VA. The 11th annual Sandbridge Dulcimer Retreat is currently underway. From his website:

"This is an intensive hammered dulcimer workshop in a wonderfully relaxing and supportive environment. Workshop topics and daily schedule will be determined through discussions of participants with Ken prior to the workshop. Likely topics include arranging, accompaniment, application of chord theory, improvisation and much more. " 

This fall, there are three weeks of instruction scheduled. Each week is geared to students of a specific skill / experience level. Several trapezoids from the triangle area will be attending one of the three weeks. Week #1 is in progress NOW! I'll be heading that way for Week #3.

Here's the list of must haves at Sandbridge. Everything else is superfluous!

  1. Dulcimer
  2. Dulcimer stand
  3. Hammers
  4. Tuner & tuning wrench
  5. Personal stool / chair
  6. Music stand
  7. Recording Device
  8. An appetite for crab
  9. A thirst for knowledge
  10. An attitude for fun

PS ... New for 2016 ... Sandbridge in the Spring! April 2 - 9


  1. I was drawn by curiosity to see how close it would be to mine- an exact copy!

    1. Ha ha! Great minds think alike, Linda! (I wouldn't mind if you put "Grandma's Brag Book" on your list to show off that sweet baby girl!)

  2. Extra $$$ to purchase new hammers and CDs!!!

    1. Of course! Must take souvenirs into account! Actually, Sandbridge is a great place to try - and buy - your next favorite pair of hammers, your next favorite CD, and enough books of music to last a very long time!

    2. Except by week 3 all the good stuff has been pretty picked over by the first two weeks' goodie-buyers! Leave some for us, please! :)

    3. That's true, Marya. Maybe Ken will put aside a stash for us? Or ship in replacements? It's always hard to know what's going to sell.