Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hello, Students!

School is in session.
The garden is looking tired.
Labor Day has come and gone.
The music room is open once again!

It's been fun seeing students after a three month hiatus.

So much news! Travel experiences, family reunions, retirement ... new babies, new instruments, new homes. True confessions of some practice, some play, some disappointments ... some accomplishments, some rest, some relaxation. Then we settle in to some music.

This year I plan to include more of what I'm calling "essential exercises" into lesson time. I'm pushing everybody to go back to basics. Hey, I know it's good for me. I'm sure it'll be good for you!

We're getting warmed up on major scales. Like everything we do on this instrument, we must be able to play scales from left and right hands. Do you know the 4-4 pattern? the 5-3 pattern? the 6-2 pattern? Can you combine those patterns to play two-octave scales ... four different ways?! If not, better come see me. But not today ... I'm pooped!

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