Thursday, October 17, 2013

20 Tunes that will Rock the Jam

There's nothing more fun than getting into a jam with a bunch of trapezoids! In between Ken Kolodner's instruction and M.J.'s food there was plenty of time to play music with friends at the Sandbridge Dulcimer Workshop last week. It was great to have a variety of instruments to enhance the experience ... guitar, mando, banjo, fiddle, piano, a shaker or two. Over a crabby dinner at Margie and Ray's last Friday night a group of us at the end of the table brainstormed our favorite jammin' tunes. As one might expect, there's some overlap with the list I generated myself and posted last March, "Today's Top 20 Favorite Jam Tunes." Looking to enhance your own play list? These tunes are hard to beat!

  1. Bill Cheatham
  2. Booth Shot Lincoln
  3. Granny, Does Your Dog Bite?
  4. Hangman's Reel
  5. John Brown's March
  6. John Ryan's Polka (dum dum)
  7. John Stenson's #2
  8. Leather Britches
  9. MacDonald's Reel
  10. Missouri
  11. Nail that Catfish to a Tree
  12. Oklahoma Rooster
  13. Rock the Cradle, Joe
  14. Roscoe
  15. Sandy Boys
  16. Sandy River Belle
  17. Shenandoah Falls
  18. Snake River Reel
  19. Waynesboro
  20. Willafjord
I bet we missed a "few" good ones. Don't see YOUR favorite here? Add it in the "Comment" section below!


  1. Sigh....I have a lot of tunes to learn before the next jam, obviously. (break out the bodhran and shakers!!)

    1. So many tunes ... so little time. Hey, the bodhran and shakers add a lot to the jam!

  2. Boatman! I picked it up by listening to Ken and Brad's new cd- and it's incredibly fun to jam on the banjo- especially with Ken on fiddle, Pete on mandolin, and Jay on guitar!

    1. That's a new one to me. Just starting to get into my head!

  3. Love the choices! Makes me want to play them all!!