Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What I'm Doing on My Summer Vacation

There's a new guy in town!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet Joshua Messick, 2003 National Hammered Dulcimer Champion, newly transplanted from Houston, TX to Asheville, NC. He's temporarily operating out of Jerry Read Smith's gorgeous studio and concert venue, Perelandra ... reason enough to schedule a lesson! We had only one short hour together (it was a beautiful day in the mountains, and a trip to the top of Mt. Mitchell was on the family agenda) but we made it a productive time.

Folks are talking about this "new" young talent. If you get a chance to hear Joshua's music or participate in one of his workshops, do it! Welcome to NC, Joshua!

Sue & Joshua ... Nice shoes, eh?
Here's what Jerry has to say about Joshua:
Joshua Messick is one of a handful of new, young virtuoso hammer dulcimer players emerging from around the country. He is a National Hammer Dulcimer Champion and continues to grow and mature as an excellent talent. His skill on the instrument doesn't begin and end with his technical proficiency. He has an amazing sense for composition and has written, and continues to write, beautiful passages that specifically highlight the unique qualities and strengths of the hammer dulcimer. Joshua is a player who understands the power of the space between the notes. He has the ability to transform a solo piece into a "symphonic" experience.  ~ Jerry Read Smith, Master Luthier

From his web site:
Based in Asheville, NC, National Hammered Dulcimer Champion and composer Joshua Messick plays beautiful hammered dulcimer music. His progressive techniques are fun to watch, and an amazing sense for composition and improvisation allow Joshua to transform a solo piece into a symphonic, cinematic experience. Often compared to Yanni, Joshua plays a variety of world music including Celtic, Indian, Japanese, New Age, Hymns, Classical, Appalachian Folk, etc.

On the way to Mt. Mitchell:

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