Friday, January 11, 2013

CTO ... Need help figuring out how to play back-up?

There’s nothing magic about playing back-up. It must be practiced! Jam sessions have a spontaneous feel, but you can be sure that those who appear to be playing with abandon have spent plenty of time honing their chops. If there’s a session tune you love, work out a back-up plan so you’re ready to spring into action!

The thrill of knowing a tune that’s being played in a group setting can quickly turn to boredom after you’ve played it through the umpteenth time.  What to do?
    • Know the tune
    • Know the chord progression
    • Know how to play chord patterns
    • Know the rhythm of different types of tunes
    • Work out your ideas and practice them
    • Have fun!
Check This Out ... Don't know where to start? Need some guidance? I'm teaching a two-hour workshop for advanced beginners this Sunday afternoon, 2 - 4pm in Cary. We'll be playing chord and scale patterns in a variety of rhythms to develop back-up ideas for a couple of familiar tunes. Come play with us!

Sue Wilson, teaching at the monthly HD Slow Jam
January 13, 2:00 - 4:00pm
Topic: Playing Back-up, Level of Play: Advanced Beginners
Registration fee:  $25
Community of Christ Church, 912 W Chatham St, Cary
For information or to register for the workshop contact Viola 

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  1. It was a fun afternoon! Eight students stretched their brains and their skills playing back-up ideas to the tune of Whiskey Before Breakfast. With our heads "reeling" we moved on in 3/4 time, but ran up against the clock before we could get more than eight bars into Si Bheag Si Mhor. Always leave 'em hungry for more!