Friday, January 4, 2013

CTO ... Finale NotePad, Your FREE introduction to musical notation software

Many of my students are beginning to apply their own ideas to tune arrangements. Yippee! That means I'm doing my job! But once a person starts having ideas, the challenge becomes how to remember those ideas. There are several approaches. Pick one that works best for you!

  • Record yourself using one of many available recording devices.
  • Develop a personal type of short-hand to describe ideas in a way that jogs your memory.  Keep a notebook of ideas, or write the notes directly onto printed music sheets from which you've learned the basic tune.
  • Write out your musical ideas by hand using blank music staff paper.
  • Write out your ideas using computer software designed especially for notating music, i.e. word-processing for music.
Of course, there are many products out there. Research them for yourself. Personally, I got started many years ago with the free Finale NotePad. While the free version does have its limitations, I have to say it has served me well. I can't imagine teaching without it! Recently, I upgraded to Finale PrintMusic. It has way more bells and whistles, and allows me more control in formatting the page.

I've always printed out copies of sheet music as needed, but more and more I'm finding the need to make files available to my students through email and the web. This year I'll be encouraging my students to download the free version of NotePad so I can easily share my sheet music files via the internet. And BONUS ... with an electronic file, not only can you read the music, but NotePad will play the music back to you with high-quality sound.

Check This Out ... Download Finale NotePad today. It's your FREE introduction to musical notation software. Discover how easy it is to put your musical ideas into print, to hear your ideas played back, and to share written music with your friends ... and with your teacher!

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