Friday, November 2, 2012

Time to dust off those holiday tunes!

Ready or not, November is here.  It's time to get serious about compiling this year's holiday play list and getting those "once-a-year" tunes back into shape.

The hammered dulcimer is in high demand this time of year, and for good reason.  The sweet sound of the dulcimer just seems to suit the soundtrack of the season.  Whether you're playing for your own family or church, providing a program at the local nursing home or civics club, or creating ambiance at a private holiday party, you'll want to be ready to say 'yes' when the opportunity arises.

  • Start by dusting off your favorites from years past.
  • Choose one or two new tunes to learn and/or arrange this year, always building your repertoire.
  • Mix in some tunes that aren't necessarily holiday tunes. Possible candidates:  classical pieces, O'Carolan tunes, hymns, celtic beauties that aren't commonly recognized
  • Write out your play list in an order that pleases you, taking into account such things as tempo, key, and mood changes.
  • Practice!
  • Play for somebody ... your spouse, your neighbor, your church family ... your cat!

At the end of the season, record yourself.  It'll help you remember your good ideas and might give you a head start next November!


  1. Very cool Sue! Hopefully we can all find a time to come together in December.

  2. This is great, Sue! Thanks for putting this together.

    1. Thanks, Mary Lynn. I think it might prove to be helpful. Helen reported a fun and successful CD release party last Saturday night. Some of the folks attending read about it here!