Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Attitude of Gratitude

I love the Thanksgiving holiday. The main event is all about gathering with family and friends and sharing good food ... two of my favorite things! Around our house, the extra long weekend tends to be relaxed, with plenty of time to indulge oneself in projects, games, long walks ... and, of course, playing lots of music.

This year we were on the road for Thanksgiving, but I toted an instrument along, just in case. With 28 folks expected for the "big" dinner celebrating Thanksgiving AND my mother's 72nd birthday there wasn't much time or space for the dulcimer. But in between the ample appetizers and the fantastic feast I did manage to get in a few familiar tunes, including these Thanksgiving classics ... Over the River and Through the Woods, We Gather Together to Ask the Lord's Blessing,  and of course, Turkey in the Straw.

So, here come the holidays ... and the tone is about to be amped up, thanks to the associated hype that surrounds us. No matter how you and your loved ones participate in the holiday season, the cultural environment in which we live can get pretty intense this time of year. Set your intention now - while "giving thanks" is still on your mind - to approach it all with an attitude of gratitude.

Between now and the end of the year, start each day by acknowledging one thing for which you are thankful. Think of something different every day. Write it down, if you want. Or say a little prayer. Make up a mantra. Reward yourself with a chocolate kiss. Whatever! Have fun with it.

I'll get you started. Today, I'm thankful for the gift of music. As I practice and prepare for holiday gigs, my intention for my music is to start at the beginning, to play through to the end, and to play with joy and gratitude for the gift of music and the opportunity to share it.

I wish you joy in the coming weeks ... along with a heaping helping of sanity!

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