Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The Value of Attending Workshops

Just back from Ken Kolodner's Sandbridge HD Retreat. Can you believe? I've been attending this autumn beach retreat for 15 years? Before that, I was a regular for nearly as many years at the Swannanoa Gathering Warren Wilson College until after the summer of 2011 when Dulcimer Week was discontinued.

Workshops, retreats, festivals help keep one on track along the musical journey. As we all know, it's not the destination ... you've got to enjoy the ride! It's nice to have some companions along the way.

What's to gain from attending dulcimer workshops?
  • learn something
  • be reminded of something you should have practiced / learned
  • set new goals ... keep raising the bar
  • enjoy different styles of playing and teaching
  • be "wowed" but what can be done with the instrument
  • maybe meet your role model / mentor / guru
  • be inspired, maintain high level of self-motivation
  • play lots of music
  • meet old / new friends
There are plenty of opportunities to get out there in the dulcimer community. Dulcimer Players News is a good resource for information about festivals that occur all across the country. (If you don't already subscribe to this quarterly publication, you should!)

For you Triangle Trapezoids, here's a quick rundown of what's coming up in OUR area:
And don't forget to watch this space for timely info about more local dulcimer events!

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  1. We had a FANTASTIC 3 weeks this fall at Sandbridge! Plus Black Mountain was much fun. Thanks to everyone who came and especially to Sue Wilson for her support over the last 25 or so years!!