Friday, March 29, 2019

CTO ... Music Brings People Together

Check This Out ... Last Saturday, Martha & Richard Adams opened up their beautiful home to 15 trapezoids - and a couple of guitar, fiddle players - who gathered for a day of magical music on the mountaintop. There was plenty of playing, learning, sharing, jamming - culminating in an evening house-concert attended by 30 friends and neighbors. A good time was had by all!

Here's a list of tunes played in the jams:
Over the Waterfall - Angelina Baker - Whiskey Before Breakfast - Road to Lisdoonvarna - NC Breakdown - Lady of the Lake - John Ryan's - Whiteface - Snowdrops - OK Rooster - Miss Murphy - Willafjord - Done Gone - Da Slocket Licht - Josefin's - Falls of Richmond - Caspian Lake - Dull Chisel - Tipping Back the Corn - Hangman's Reel - Sandy Boys - Shenandoah Falls - Pickin' the Berries - Johnny Cope - Caspian Lake - Amelia's - Southwind - Tombigbee's - The Rose by the Door - Midnight on the Water - Kelvingrove - Si Bheag Si Mohr - Ashgrove - Ashokan Farewell - My Cape Breton Home - Louis' Waltz - Boda Waltz - Give Me Your Hand - For Ireland - Forvantan - Lover's Waltz - Sal's Got Mud Between Her Toes - Coleman's March


  1. Great notes Sue! A wonderful group of musicians to spend a weekend with. Thanks for the leadership on Tippin' Back the Corn'. (Also played 'Come Before Winter') Is it next year yet!?

    1. Thanks, Connie! I must've gone to the kitchen for a piece of poundcake when 'Come Before Winter' was called :-)