Friday, May 4, 2018

CTO... Finally! a "how to" dulcimer book that's really worth buying!

Since I started teaching in 2006, students have asked if there's a particular book from which I teach. The answer has been 'no'. I typically make my own handouts and information sheets based on the method from which I learned, i.e. the Ken Kolodner method. I am thrilled that Ken has recently put together a book that contains everything you need to know to master the hammered dulcimer. Those are BIG words, but seriously, there's a LOT in this book!

Check This Out ... Ken Kolodner has just released Edition #3 of his Chord Theory and Mapping for the Hammered Dulcimer book. This spiral-bound, easel-style book began as a collection of cheat sheets and charts to help students navigate the instrument. In subsequent editions, information and explanations were added to create a compact, easy-to-read summary of music theory for the hammered dulcimer. The information presented is essential to mastery of the instrument.

Self-motivated players can work through this book on their own, although it might be helpful to have an experienced teacher give some guidance. If no such teacher is available (and even if there is) or if you simply want more "foundation" information to explore all of this on your own, check into Ken's "Big Bundle" on his website. That'll keep you busy for awhile :-)

Chord Theory and Mapping for the Hammered Dulcimer is available NOW! Check it out!

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  1. Thanks Sue!! This book takes a lot of time for fully digest. And I agree it really helps to have someone who fully understands to walk you through. But if you take your time, you can get it!