Thursday, October 19, 2017

Reinvigorated! Now Reflect

Last weekend I returned home from week #3 of Ken Kolodner's 13th annual Sandbridge Hammered Dulcimer Retreat... and what a treat it was to be immersed in music, surrounded by old and new friends, challenged by an excellent teacher ... sharing, learning, stretching, growing. I am inspired!

Many trapezoids of the triangle participated in the fall Sandbridge season. I can imagine each of them in their private music rooms, hammering out new tunes, new patterns, new rhythms. Now comes the time to reflect, identify weaknesses, make goals for the coming year.

The best practice is intentional practice. Clearly stating goals for the next period of time is an important thing. Will this be the year you finally get that pesky right hand default root arpeggio pattern? (aka "sunken sailboat" "backwards checkmark") Maybe you want to focus on learning to create a bass line using chord inversions. How about nailing that double-stroke valley-roll? So many skills that contribute to mastering the hammered dulcimer!

Pick something you're not yet satisfied with, make a plan, and go for it!
A room FULL of dulcimers!

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