Friday, July 28, 2017

CTO ... Pittsboro Papparazzi

Check This Out ... Sue Wilson and Betsy Kraus were caught in the act yesterday while practicing for Saturday's concert. **

The whole point was to put ourselves in a public place and see what happened. We played outside the free Community Lunch, sponsored every Thursday by St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church. There was a large crowd enjoying the delicious meal, and many were pleasantly surprised to hear our music as they left. As predicted, there were all kinds of distractions. Sort of like playing a video game ... obstacles come out of nowhere and you must keep going.

The curious kids were the best. "What is THAT?" You have to admit, the hammered dulcimer and the concertina are not very commonly encountered instruments. A couple of kids approached. One declared, "We like your music," and handed Betsy 75 cents! She's going to split it with me as soon as she gets change.

We were playing along and a woman stopped and asked if she could record us for the Chatham Magazine facebook page. Oooohhh ... local papparazzi! How could we say no?

Here's her video. Check it out ...


** Sue and Betsy are the warm-up band for the Ken & Brad Kolodner Trio, performing at St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church, July 29, 7:00pm. See concert details on the Trapezoids of the Triangle 'Schedule of Events' page at ...

This video is just a tiny sample of the type of music you will hear. There will be fiddles, banjos, guitar, hammered mbira, vocals ...

Check out these links for a sample of what Ken and Brad have to offer!

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