Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sandbridge South

The beginning of Sandbridge Season is upon us!

A few Triangle trapezoids got together recently to practice shared repertoire acquired through years of study with Ken Kolodner.

Most recently, instruction has come via attendance at his annual, multi-week, Sandbridge Dulcimer Workshops event, now in its 12th year!

People come from all over the country to learn, play, eat, jam. The 2016 fall sessions begin on September 25. Players are ramping up their practice schedules to get in shape for the intensive instruction and fantastic jam sessions.
There are a bunch of us players in the extended Triangle area who have attended the Sandbridge workshops at one time or another. I like to call the crowd, "Sandbridge South." Because we share the same teacher, we have an extensive list of tunes that we've worked and re-worked with interesting arrangements, harmonies, and backup. Getting together to play is the best kind of fun!

Having a recurring event (such as Sandbridge) to look forward to has its advantages:
  • Motivation to actually practice and learn new tunes and ideas
  • Reason to keep up the repertoire in order to play with others next time
  • Opportunity to measure personal progress made
  • Chance to form relationships with others who share your passion for the instrument
Some of you are regular attendees of the local Triangle HD Slow Jam. As you are well aware, those monthly get-togethers provide similar benefits!

BTW ... If you've never experienced Sandbridge, or a lesson with Ken, you will soon get your chance. He and his son, Brad Kolodner, are coming to the Triangle area! They will be passing through briefly, as part of a mini-tour of North Carolina in early 2017. ( Ken & Brad Kolodner )

Mark your calendar for Sunday, January 8.
Workshops (hammered dulcimer & banjo) followed by a concert at St. Bartholomew's Church, Pittsboro are planned for the afternoon / evening.

Watch this space for details!

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