Wednesday, March 26, 2014

DIY Hammered Dulcimer Festival

A group of like-minded individuals

Gather to practice and play music

The setting is lovely

The hostess is the best

The hammered dulcimer IS the road to fun and fellowship!

This was Martha's 8th Annual Dulcimer Day on the Mountain! It's become an eagerly anticipated, weekend-long event that works as a group effort. Martha and hubby provide the space. Sue Wilson puts together some intense practice for Saturday. Everyone pitches in for meals and snacks and associated clean-up. The neighbors come in for a casual house concert and dessert on Saturday night. In between we share everything from music to gadgets to life situations to … well, by the end of the weekend we almost certainly have learned something significant from each person! I encourage you to put together your own magical dulcimer "day"!

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