Friday, November 15, 2013

CTO … Now Available! Ken Kolodner's newest book of tune arrangements, "The Sandbridge Waltz and Slow Air Collection"

Book #2 in a two-volume set, this is the companion book to The Sandbridge Dance Tune Collection, released at the end of October and featured in the November 1 CTO posting. You know you must have both of these books! Better let Santa know ...

Check This Out … From Ken Kolodner's website, The Sandbridge Waltz and Slow Air Collection contains "Traditional and original waltzes, slow airs, marches and O'Carolan. The repertoire draws primarily from the traditional music of the U.S. (Old-Time), Ireland, Scotland, Quebec, Cape Breton, England, Finland, Sweden, Chile and Israel. Each tune is presented as a simple melody with chord progression along with one or more detailed arrangements offering a wide range of levels of complexity. Backup and harmony parts are provided for many of the pieces. The book is a lifetime resource for players of all levels. Kolodner is widely known as one of the most prominent teachers and performers of the hammered dulcimer and is especially known for his teaching of arranging and backup techniques."

All righty, then. That ought to keep you busy for awhile!

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