Friday, May 24, 2013

CTO ... Skunk Tail Dulcimer Duster

Dusty hammered dulcimer soundboards - now, there's a problem!

Sometimes I use a BBQ skewer inside a dusting mitt for marginal success. Or take it outside and give it a good brushing with a soft paintbrush reserved for the task. Too bad this typically results in bits of brush bristle stuck in the tight places. Some players believe a little dust is advantageous ... minimizes the glare of bright lights on the sound board!

Check This Out ... Here's a nifty accessory that really seems to work. One of my students showed it to me at the Winston Salem Dulcimer Festival. The bristles are black and white, hence its funny name - Skunk Tail.
I found it at the String Fever Music website. Just scroll down the accessory page until you find it.


  1. Cindy, in NY, sent this message:
    "Ted Yoder's wife and/or kids make a neat little, flexible duster -- she calls it Fuzzy Floss. It comes in many colors and works just the way I want it to. Only $7, too!"

    Here's the link:

    There's even a video clip to show you how it works!

  2. I use an old (70's)knit necktie to dust under the strings ... just run it down with the aid of a wooden spoon or a ruler, and then pull it back and forth as if you were flossing ... works like a charm!

    1. That's some good repurposing! Necessity is the mother of invention ...