Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Winston Salem Dulcimer Festival - Registration Time!

The 19th annual Winston-Salem Dulcimer Festival is scheduled for May 3 - 4, 2013 ... less than one month away! Click here to read all about it. Registration is currently underway. Make plans to attend now!

I've been making my plans. I'll be teaching several classes for various skill levels:

Understanding Modes (Advanced)
Who cares about modes? Why do hammered dulcimer players need to know about modes? Knowing the mode of a tune helps you determine WHERE the tune will be played on the instrument and WHAT CHORDS will likely be used. Learn to recognize common modes. Practice by looking at real tunes.

Two-Chord Tunes (Intermed)
Lots of tunes are made up of only 2 chords. Learn how to create ascending and descending bass lines using chord inversions to fit these 2-chord progressions. Use these ideas in arranging or playing backup.

Playing Syncopated Rhythms (Novice)
What is syncopation? How do you play it? Practice musical rhythms that shift the accent from what is expected to be the “strong” beat to what would normally be considered the “weak” beat.

Playing for Homebound / Hospice (All)
Many of us feel the need to share our music. Playing for those who are homebound or living in assisted-living / nursing-care facilities can be a rewarding way to do this. Come with questions and stories as we discuss what is expected of the musician in such a situation. Learn how to: Find your audience ~ Behave at bedside ~ Include family and other care givers ~ Develop a playlist.

As usual, the festival organizers have assembled quite a good line-up of teachers. Here's your chance to get a variety of perspectives and styles. Check the website under "Class Descriptions" to see the full menu. There's something for everyone!

Be sure to stay around for the Saturday evening concert. The headliners are fabulous entertainers ... not to be missed!

This festival is held every year on the first full weekend of May. It's a great place to meet up with old and new dulcimer buddies. Expect top-notch instruction, inspiring and entertaining concerts, jam sessions, dulcimer related cd's, books, accessories for sale, and a whole lot of fun ... right here in central NC.

Make it a tradition!

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