Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Today's Top 20 Favorite Jam Tunes

These are my favorite jam tunes, in alphabetical order, in this moment:
  1. Bill Cheatham
  2. Coleman's March
  3. The Gale
  4. Golden Slippers
  5. Hangman's Reel
  6. Lady of the Lake
  7. Leather Britches
  8. Liberty
  9. MacDonald's Reel
  10. Midnight on the Water
  11. Missouri
  12. Oklahoma Rooster
  13. Over the Waterfall
  14. Rock the Cradle, Joe
  15. Sandy Boys
  16. Shenandoah Falls
  17. St. Anne's Reel
  18. Waynesboro
  19. Whiskey Before Breakfast
  20. Willafjord
I admit, some of these are not the most common tunes, but in the right circles there's enough critical mass to make it fun!

Here's a link to Randy Marchany's Top 40.

What do you think? Additions? Corrections? Comments?
What's on your "favorites" list?

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